c-c-c-changes anouncing PARIS TOKYO NEW YORK

Hello everyone!

There are some big changes :)

Lately, I have become very aware of my over consumption. I feel that following the fashion scene here in Toronto encourages me to over consume and put all my money and energy into lovely but unnecessary things. I love fashion and design, but I have found that I love traveling SO MUCH MORE. As a flight attendant I have access to the world. When a time spend on adventure foreign land is comparable price o a pair of designer of shoes or I’m actually getting paid if I’m working ;)  I will always pick the time away over the shoes! I want to experience things rather then buy and accumulate stuff.

I would rather share stories of hiking and making new friends then a store opening or some kind of event that I feel obligated to attend.

I would like to announce the address of my new website: www.paristokyonewyork.com

I have picked this name because these are fashion cities and also places I have enjoyed visiting!

I hope you will visit my new blog!


Snapshots from this week

I have been really taking it easy this week to focus on getting my sleep back in a routine (occupational hazard of flight attendants :P), and working on my physical fitness. For once, my days off are not jam packed with events or travel plans! Some times it is really necessary just to take that time for yourself. It is so important to take good care of your health, not just by exercising and eating well but also by resting and having a good time with friends.

lovelocks_toronto coco_cat what's_in_my_gym_bag pink_and_flowers

Speaking of fitness, here are some blogs I have been enjoying and help me find the inspiration to exercise.

Alexandra Bring


Ultrarunner Girl




high park

If you read my blog often, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of parks and gardens. I am also lucky enough to live walking distance from Toronto’s largest park.

The cherry blossoms were not as magnificent as last year’s (thanks to the rainy weather we have been having), but still a delight.  cherry blossm_2013Visiting the trees last year, shot by David D Photography.

The beautiful cherry trees were planted as gifts from the consulate of Japan for friendship. You can read more about the Sakura Project here.

IMG_20140519_162237 sunglasses_outfit swan_1 cherry_blossoms burberry_flats cherry_blossoms2 swan_2 kitten_stockings sakura_outfit sakura sunshine

shoes – Burberry

handbag – House of Vintage

dress – Urban Outfitters

cardigan – Forever21

tights – purchased in China





How to wear a bodysuit

These amazing bodysuits from H&M rock!

They are great for working out of course, with your yoga or dance routine.


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A bodysuit can be tricky to wear outside of the studio.

Here are two looks I created that can take you from workout to the street!



This look would be great for spending time outdoors at the park, an outdoor concert or a BBQ.

retro_cute_lookThis is a fun daytime look for a date or shopping.

Have you tried wearing bodysuits? How do you like to style them?




This weekend, I had the pleasure of spending a layover in Zurich.  Instead of shopping like I normally do, I relaxed by visiting a spa and ate some really delicious pizza and chocolates. It was nice to take a break and unwind. Unlike Toronto (but much like the rest of the northern hemisphere), spring is in full effect in Switzerland.  Zurich is lovely, the air is so fresh and clean and there is not a piece of litter to be found. I woke up to the sound of church bells, and see cows grazing in the green hills everywhere I looked. Unfortunately, my camera was acting funky so iphonography will have to suffice.

IMG_3593 IMG_3583 zurich_1 IMG_3589 IMG_3601 IMG_3587 zurich_2 IMG_3592 IMG_3600 IMG_3590 IMG_3604 zurich_4IMG_3597